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ChefIAm provides the tools you need to bring out the chef in you

aboutus_picWhether you are trying to impress that new friend or trying to get your family to say, “Ooh! This is delicious!”, this is the website for you.

Our key difference is that we embed little videos into each of our recipes. Hey, you may know already how to chop an onion but may not be sure on the technique behind grilling a great steak. We can get you there with minimal time spent trolling through a long “how to” video! You will also find live classes on this website, where we teach you the basics of cooking delicious food, and you can ask questions and have them answered LIVE!

The talent behind the website is Chef Phil, a graduate of The French Culinary Institute’s Classic Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Programs. Chef Phil’s lifetime love of food and his desire to share that passion for food with others has helped to create this site, where people can come to learn to cook delicious food under the guidance of Chef Phil’s and others’ considerable expertise. Our aim is to take the mystification out of cooking and to get you to have fun in the kitchen through your success!

We can’t wait to start helping you make a difference in the outcomes of your cooking!

Welcome to the ChefIAm club – For the chef in you!

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