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I just finished the velvet chicken recipe on your site the flavors are not popping. How do I fix it?

Tasting and seasoning is an important component of any dish, so congratulations, you are already halfway there by tasting your food! If the food is bland it is generally lacking salt and acid. Add a pinch of salt or two and a squeeze of fresh lemon and taste again. Continue until you are satisfied with the flavor profile. Enjoy!

I am having trouble with eggshells not peeling away from the boiled eggs. How do I fix that?

As soon as your eggs are finished cooking, gently shake the pan, cracking the shells. Then run the pan under cold water, still gently shaking the eggs, until cool. This will allow water to get under the membrane of the eggs and make peeling a breeze! Remember, boiled eggs are best eaten within a day or two, or they get rubbery.

My jarred spices aren’t really adding a lot of flavor to my food. What could be the cause?

The first reason for spices that may have lost their kick is age. We throw out spices that are more than 8-12 months old. Secondly, make sure to store your spices in a cool dry place, i.e. away from your cooktop! Finally, I would recommend “blooming” your spices when using them in a dish, i.e. once you have your oil, butter etc. up to temperature, add your spices to that and cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly and this will release the flavors of your spices.


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