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Minestrone with Chicken Meatballs

May 4, 2014 Written by

If you like minestrone-you’ll love this minestrone. The chicken meatballs cooked in the soup really take this soup to the next level! You can use whatever veggies you like but I found the ones used in this soup to give the best flavor combination! Read More »

Potato and Leek Soup

Written by

Bacon, potatoes and leeks-you couldn’t ask for a better combination in a soup! It’s a meal in a bowl! Don’t be afraid to use plenty of salt as the potatoes really can stand up to a lot of seasoning! If not using homemade stock, be sure to use stock that is low or no sodium! Read More »

Turkey Gravy

November 25, 2013 Written by

This is a simple and foolproof turkey gravy recipe. Its even more flavorful if you have drippings reserved from a roasted turkey! Read More »

Making the Perfect Cocktail

February 21, 2013 Written by

There’s nothing nicer than a well made cocktail on a Saturday evening, before that special meal you are just about to make! It makes the process of cooking so much more enjoyable! At ChefIAm, we will show you here how to make lots of good cocktails that are easy and will impress any guest. Read More »

How to Check the Doneness of Your Vegetables—the Amazing Cake-Tester!

Written by

These have been one of the secrets of professional chefs and are the perfect tool for testing a wide range of foods. Read More »

All About Brussels Sprouts

Written by

Aah, the Brussels sprout. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em! We love them! They have that beautifully concentrated cabbage taste that brings back all the memories of home but a tad more bitter and in a package that you can really do so much more with! Read More »

Saving a Too-Salty Dish

Written by

Oh Boy, I Over-Salted My Dish!!! They tell you to use plenty of seasoning to bring out the best flavors of the food… but wait, what happens if I over-salted my dish!!?? Don’t go rushing to the trash just yet. One culprit that creeps up on you in the salt department is reducing the sauce of the salty dish. Especially if you do not use reduced sodium chicken stock, once those flavors start to reduce, they will intensify and you […] Read More »

Store-Bought Chicken Stock?

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Chicken stock is a subtly essential staple of the kitchen—from soups to sauces to sauteés, you’re going to need it. Fancy up whole-wheat rice, cut down on butter for mashed potatoes, or improve a delicious roast; simply having it on hand will open up uses you never thought of. Read More »

All About the Cast-Iron Skillet

Written by

Ah, the cast-iron skillet. Even its name has a usefully heavy and durable sound, and that’s just what it’s going to give you. You may have been intimidated by the upkeep that the cast-iron skillet seems to require, but it’s really not that hard, and the results will be well worth the effort when a recipe calls for this type of pan. Read More »

All About Caramelized Onions

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It’s almost impossible to describe the taste of well and deliciously made caramelized onions. You will begin to find endless uses for them, from transforming a burger to barbeque sauce. Once you have the knack, they are very easy to make! Read More »

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