Wine has been a part of Western culture for many thousands of years. In fact, for the majority of that time (until the late-19th century) it was safer to drink than most water, and it frequently tasted better as well. Wine is the result of a natural process – alcoholic fermentation of ripe fruit, typically grapes – and is ultimately an agricultural product, like good food. Though contemporary American culture embraces wine as an alcoholic beverage on par with beer […] Read More »
So today’s blog is supposed to be about dinner parties but I can’t start that without first telling you about this new delicacy. One of the things I love about the New New Thing (ie the world being so small and that we can follow trends all over the world as soon as they happen) is that a guy on twitter in Sydney gets to hear about this amazing pastry called a cronut in New York. The best thing is, […] Read More »
The main objective in brewing is to create an environment that is perfect for the yeasty beasties to do their job. That starts with following the basic process and using quality ingredients. Read More »
So this is how it started really. My sister and her husband get this brilliant idea called ChefIam and stroked my ego by asking me to write a blog about food. Read More »
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