Making the Perfect Cocktail

Making the Perfect Cocktail

CosmopolitanThere’s nothing nicer than a well made cocktail on a Saturday evening, before that special meal you are just about to make! It makes the process of cooking so much more enjoyable!

The number one important thing that we have found when making the perfect cocktail is to make sure that it is painfully cold. The number two thing is that you need to have fresh ingredients. The raw materials that you are going to need are a good-quality shaker and some good-quality liquor. At ChefIAm, we will show you here how to make lots of good cocktails that are easy and will impress any guest.

How to Make a Cosmopolitan

There is nothing nicer than an ice cold, really well made Cosmo. A delicious and refreshing start to any dinner party (or any afternoon loll around on the couch, for that matter!)


You will need vodka, cranberry juice, fresh limes and triple sec. The vodka that we like to use is Stolichnaya but we also don’t mind Absolut, Kettle One, or Grey Goose. We don’t like Smirnoff. The Triple Sec doesn’t have to be anything special, it can just be whatever you happen to be able to pick up at the liquor store. You can also use Cointreau but to our mind, it doesn’t go as well with the other flavors. Now for the lime. It is important to use fresh limes- Rose’s lime juice will make your cosmo taste fake. You will also need a metal shaker to make the coldest drink, two martini glasses and finally, two thirsty people ready for a nice adult beverage!

Fill the shaker all the way up to the top with ice. Then you can put in the vodka. You will only be making two drinks at a time, so this recipe is for two people. Add four jiggers of vodka and then you can put in one jigger of triple sec, squeeze the whole lime in and then that would pretty much bring it to within an inch of the top of the shaker. Then you can pour in cranberry juice for the last inch of the shaker and put the lid on nice and tight! Now we come to the most important part of the drink- the shaking! Don’t be skimping- you will need to shake around 50 times (hence the “painfully cold” part – the shaker will get really cold! Use a towel if you need to. Take the very top off and pour into the two glasses. It will be frothy, cold and delicious! See, it’s not terribly difficult to make a nice drink, the main thing is once again, fresh ingredients and lots and lots of shaking.