Saving a Too-Salty Dish

Oh Boy, I Over-Salted My Dish!!!

They tell you to use plenty of seasoning to bring out the best flavors of the food… but wait, what happens if I over-salted my dish!!?? Don’t go rushing to the trash just yet.

One culprit that creeps up on you in the salt department is reducing the sauce of the salty dish. Especially if you do not use reduced sodium chicken stock, once those flavors start to reduce, they will intensify and you may be left with an over-salty dish! So, we always use low-sodium chicken stock.

What happens when you go too far, over-reducing only to find your stock pushed to briny depths, or you have been over-zealous with the salt cellar? Don’t worry, it happens! Fear not, rescue is still possible.

Any liquid; water, cream, butter—even wine added to the sauce will essentially dilute it back to a usable point. Based on the dish and the other ingredients, choose which to employ. As a last resort, you can always start again- time and ingredients permitting!

Kitchen Myth buster: potato will not help! Despite what you may have heard, potato will not dilute your overly condensed stock as well as basic liquid. You’ll simply be left with potassium-blanched, slightly salty potatoes that will probably go to waste.