Overall Recipe Rating
4 votes, 4.50 avg. rating (90% score)

Difficulty: Beginner

Preparation Time: 20min

Yields: 18 Cucpcakes

Total Time: 25min

The addition of ricotta makes these cupcakes a moist delight! These have become our go-to cupcakes for any occasion! Read More »
Overall Recipe Rating
10 votes, 4.20 avg. rating (86% score)

Difficulty: Hard

Preparation Time: 45min

Yields: 20 Servings

Total Time: 2hr

Delicious paired with roasted garlic sauce, these sweet corn tamales are fragrant, authentic and will add an instant “wow” factor to your next barbeque party! Read More »
Overall Recipe Rating
7 votes, 4.86 avg. rating (94% score)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Preparation Time: 20min

Yields: 10 Servings

Total Time: 1hr 30min

A delicious ending to any meal. This raspberry cake with lemon cheesecake filling recipe tastes as good as it looks. The lemony cheesecake filling is a beautiful foil for the fresh raspberries. Fresh raspberries are a must here-don’t use frozen-blueberries would be an excellent option here too! In a small mixing bowl-use a handheld mixer on medium high speed-beat the cream cheese and the sugar for 1 minute. Add the egg, zest and vanilla extract and beat for 1 more […] Read More »
Overall Recipe Rating
15 votes, 4.40 avg. rating (88% score)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Preparation Time: 15min

Yields: 8 Servings

Total Time: 1hr

This dish is so darned easy, but utterly addictive. Lighter than you could imagine, with the essence of sweet corn. This is the best side ever for that special barbeque. Read More »
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