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Santorini Greek Salad with Chicken

This Santorini Greek salad with chicken recipe is a healthy and tasty choice for a meal that will leave your taste buds tingling with flavor!

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation Time: 15min

Yields: 2 Servings Total Time: 20min


  • 1 Romaine Lettuce, leaves

  • 1/2 Cup Olives- Kalamata (I like them with the pits in)

  • 2 Roma Tomatoes, quartered

  • 1 English Cucumber, peeled and sliced

  • 2 oz Feta Cheese, diced

  • 1 lb Chicken Tenders

  • 1/2 Cup Flour

  • Balsamic Vinegar

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Salt and Pepper

  • Red Onions sliced into rings


Start with preparing your salad items first, before the chicken, so you only have to use one chopping board for the whole salad. Remove lettuce leaves from the head of romaine, wash and pat dry with paper towel. They should be nice and dry. Divide into two large salad bowls with the tomatoes, cucumber, feta, red onion slices if you like the taste, and olives. Take your chicken tenders and with your knife, remove the white tendon you can see coming out the end of the chicken piece. Then take a meat pounder/mallet (smooth side) and flatten your chicken so they are all the same width, around half an inch. This technique will ensure you will have evenly cooked chicken. Plus on a weeknight, a thinner chicken piece is quicker to cook! Put flour, a teaspoon of salt and 5 or so turns of pepper on a plate and dredge each piece of chicken in this mix. Then take a medium sized skillet and add canola oil, couple of teaspoons, on medium high heat. Once the oil is hot, not smoking, lay your chicken pieces in the pan. If your pan is hot enough, it should start to sizzle nicely, but should not be smoking. Add all the chicken to the pan. after one side is nice and golden brown- only 3-4 minutes or so, turn the chicken and cook on the other side for another 3-4 minutes or until cooked through. don’t cook too long or they will become tough and dry. when you are starting out, it doesn’t hurt to take one out if you think they are done and cut it in half- if it’s still red at all, not done. Pop it back in and cook for another minute or two… when done, remove all of the chicken and rest a few minutes before slicing on the bias and putting a top your delicious salad. Drizzle balsamic over the chicken and salad, then extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

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